CGM Site Changes

I want to pass this along to others. I got from a friend.

He indicated to do an insertion of the New Sensor/Site in the evening
Leaving Old Sensor and Transmitter working overnight in the old location.

This will have the New sensor get acclimated overnight.

In the Mourning pull the Old sensor and recharge the Transmitter
Attach the Transmitter to New Site. Calibrate and you are back on track.

I had only a 1 1/2 hr down time without the sensor and was accurately tracking in 2 hours.

Just another Idea for CGM users.

Which CGM does this apply to? I use a Dexcom.

I thought the start up time was built into the receiver, not the transmitter, and counts down from when you tell the receiver to start a new sensor.


I have experienced that part of the startup time was the meter looking at the Isis values it is receiving and pairing that with teh calibratoon times. I notice that the time to link and be stable has reduced especially the stable( where BG valus and Pump Values) are in sync.

I am using a Medtronics MiniMed Paradigm Revel System (Pump and CGM)