CGM Sites and Sun Exposure


I just recently started using the CGM and I have only tried my abdomen, I was wondering the accuracy of it anywhere else, because the nurse I met said that the CGM of the MiniMed has been tested only on the abdomen…I am going on a family trip to a resort by the beach, and would really want to have it somewhere other than my abdomen to protect the sensor from sun exposure (upper bum maybe) …Can you do it alone? And does it get effected by sleeping or from long exposure to the sun??

Thank You

Lulu Moe, I have been using my thighs pretty much since day one with the MM CGM. I do find that I have to put the pump on the same side as the sensor, but it has worked OK for me. Remember that the CGM is not necessarily giving an accurate readout of actual BS, but it is good for keeping an eye on trends. If it is high or low, I check with the meter. I don’t have a whole lot of belly and with all the years of injecting insulin into my abdomen, I am much more comfortable with the sensor somewhere else. YMMV. Good Luck. CGM is the greatest thing since insulin pumps and sliced bread. Sam


Where on your thigh?

I have always put it on my Abdomen or to the side

Hi, Lulu~
Our Medtronic trainer told us to do the upper glut on my daughter who is 5 years old. You just have to be sure it’s 2 inches away from the pump site. I’ve also seen other kids wearing the CGM on the back of the upper arm.

I’m sorry I don’t know about the sun exposure, although we did do a beach vacation last summer with the CGM. I bought the largest size Tagaderm to cover it and found it stayed on the entire 3 days vs. when I was using the smaller size of Tagaderm.
Hope this helps!

Thank you Sam and Jessica
I as well still use the meter, It’s just that I am still new to it, and some people aren’t helping with all the rules they give me, it’s really not about the rules just how they explain it to me. I am just a bit overwhelmed with all the new functions I have to do, I am sure in time I will get the hang of it. I just want to go and have a good time without having to worry about my sensor not working because of swimming, tanning and other water activities.

What do you do when the site gets a bit of irritation? Do you use any specific kind of cream to help? I always try to switch and move sites but mostly around the abdomen area.

I will definitely try the other sites.

Again thank you both for all your help.

I personally get the best readings from my thighs as long as my site and pump are located on the same side they work very happy together and my numbers are rarely off my abdomen not so much I am assuming that is from yrs of scar tissue from injections and site usage and so not much intersistial fluid to work with but my thighs are great and even if I am running it does not interfere with my readings I will say be sure to ensure that you use extra to secure the sensor and transmitter if you don’t already a tagaderm works great and really keeps it stuck on. sleep does not effect it on my thigh nor does sun exposure. I have a two yr old and we use her bottom and get great reading as well and that kid can move anywhere at night and her readings stay on the mark. just remember everyone is different therefore YDMV but those are different places try and see if they work for you. good luck

At the front of the thigh away from all the junk I carry in my front pocket. Not too far towards the inside and not too far to the outside as I sleep on my sides. Basically it is where I used to do the injections. Lots of adipose fat there.