CGM Sites and Sun Exposure


I just recently started using the CGM and I have only tried my abdomen, I was wondering the accuracy of it anywhere else, because the nurse I met said that the CGM of the MiniMed has been tested only on the abdomen…I am going on a family trip to a resort by the beach, and would really want to have it somewhere other than my abdomen to protect the sensor from sun exposure (upper bum maybe) …Can you do it alone? And does it get effected by sleeping or from long exposure to the sun??

Thank You

I almost always wear my dexcom sensor on the upper part of my butt cheek. I see no difference in accuracy, and I almost always sleep on my back, so sleeping on it is not a problem.

We’ve used the stomach and tush area, hips. If you sleep directly on the MiniMed, it will sometimes flatline on you - meaning it shows a beautiful flat line that is false. Try to avoid areas you will sleep directly on if possible.