CGM trials?

Is there any continuous glucose meter manufacturer out there, that offers a free trial on their unit? For like a week or so?

I’m using strips right now and that works pretty good for me, but everybody I know that has a cgm loves it, so I was hoping there is a way to try it out without a big financial commitment.

Thanks, Martin

Some endos and clinics offer loaner CGMS but neither Dexcom or Medtronic offers a free trial as far as I know..

CGM's don't replace using test strips to test your blood sugar. They are not accurate in realtime. What they're good for is showing trends.

I had a 1 week trial with Dexcom, by calling Dexcom and locating the local rep for my area. The rep was relatively close and able to meet in person to deliver and demonstrate the trial unit, and return in a week to pick it up. I was also using MiniMed CGMS at the time, and required minimal assistance.

Note that Dexcom has a 30 day return policy, in case you are not able to get a trial, and a purchase doesn't work out.

I got a loaner from the CDE at the Diabetes center where I am treated.

Yep! Dexcom does, I asked my endo and she gave me a number for a Dexcom representative. I met them and they set me up, I was able to try it out for a week or so. When I decided to commit and get one, the representative was really helpful with getting in touch with my insurance and sorting it all out. I would say it's definitely worth a try. It has completely redefined the way I handle my diabetes care. Best of luck!