CGM users

How long does a ‘printout’ of cgm readings date back when a Dr. looks at it?

My doc gets whatever I hand him from my Clarity reports. I forgot exactly what I brought him but he said it was all good. A months worth of 3 of the reports.

I’m not sure if they upload it. I upload my pump and Dex to diasend before each visit which is every 3-4 months- one month of data and email it as a pdf to my cde.

Different doctors like to look at different reports. I have a strong opinion about the relative value of these reports. I think the 14-day standard day ambulatory glucose profile (AGP) report is the most effective report on which to base changes for basal and bolus insulin dosing. It’s available in Clarity, Diasend, and Nightscout systems. I think the least useful report is the “overlay” report which shows many days overlaid on top of each other in a standard day format. I call this the “spaghetti” report and I find it does not clearly reveal where and when to make clinical changes to insulin treatment.

I think for my next appointment I’m going to refuse the clinician’s access to my data and only bring in the hard-copy reports I find useful. I’m done spending any time with confusing spaghetti graphs! This might seem a bit high-handed by some but I’m paying for this consultation. I know which reports are useful to me since I regularly use them to make changes to my insulin therapy.

I visit my endo’s office every 90 days primarily because of a Medicare requirement for coverage of my pump supplies. I see the doctor’s value in overlooking lab results and for any questions I have about my diabetes health. I have yet to meet a practitioner as proficient with diabetes data as I am. And I am tired of the almost knee-jerk need on the part of the doctor to warn me about hypoglycemia. I know hypoglycemia is dangerous! But I’ve got this. My hypo exposure is down to less than 5% of my day, sometimes as low as 1%-2%.

I think a 14-day and/or 30-day CGM report is sufficient data to bring to a doctor in order to make decisions about diabetes therapy.


My endo looks at the last 14 or 30 days - tends to vary. Last time I saw my endo, neither he, not his CDE looked at any data! :smile:

If you give them access, I think they can do any dates. I usually pull 14 days so he can see what’s happening right now & I pull a 90 AGP to compare to A1C. And I just record my current pump profiles so he has it for his records.