Tomorrow, I’m going in and getting a CGM attached for a week. I still have problems with going above (often well above) 200 at 2hr PP and then going hypo at 4hr PP. Except after dinner, when I am high all night, then come down while I’m sleeping to a somewhat reasonable number in the morning.

Medtronic has these fine-tuning protocol’s on their Pump School site to help you fine tune your setting. I can never get past the second step of so, because 2hr PP, I am almost always well over 200. The protocol wants you to be with in 50 points of the level at meal time. I’m often 150 over. You know, I don’t even worry about occlusions until I’m at 350 or above 300 for a couple of hours, they’ve been spiking so much.

If I take a bigger bolus, I’m worried that I would just make my 4hr PP crash worse. Right now, I’m on Novalog, we may try Aprida after the CGM test. If the Apidra will actually get out of my system in a couple of hours (as opposed the the 3 or 4 the Novalog seems to be taking), I could probably take a bigger bolus and hopefully not have it hit my 4hr numbers.

In theory… theory’s nice

See ya’s

Today’s snarky saying: The voices in my head? They don’t like you

Scott: i had a similar problems and added Symlin to my treatment regime. It smoothed out the bumps considerably. It takes some work to get the timing right, but with the help of a CGM it would make it easier.