CGMM--Continuous Glucose Monitoring Mother

Later this year it will be time again for me to start looking at new insulin pumps. It is not something that I am looking forward too because I hate to part with our beloved Cozmo, the Lean Green Pumping Machine and there is just no interesting pumps out there at the moment. Since the pumps won't be what attracts me, I began to think about the continuous glucose monitoring part. Is this something that I should be looking at?

The idea of real time readings has an appeal. The concept of still having some general data when my son fails to test has greater appeal. The fact of yet another gadget attached to my son 24/7 has no appeal to either of us but safety is my greatest concern.

I thought about being able to sleep at night in relative comfort. The Continuous sensor would give me an idea of whether or not sleep was an option for that night. This really appealed to me until I thought about it a little more. Currently we are using a CGMM at night--a continuous glucose monitoring Mother.

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