CGMS and Driving Question

I just started on the CGMS portion of my Medtronic Revel and I was wondering how you handle testing before driving? I test all of the time before driving, but I am wondering if I can use the CGM number as long as it is stable and I have calibrated recently. How do you all handle this?

I am a BODS and my girlfriend uses CGM and she test before driving.

If its just a short trip, I don’t bother testing and glance at the CGM as long as its been in range for awhile first, but if im going on a longer trip (more than 15 min is a mental number iv used)… or your expecting a bolus to be working, or just not sure, check with a meter first…Though i tend to keep my CGM in the cupholder so i can grab and peek…

YMMV but if your CGM is anything but relatively stable, its good to test first.

Wow, I’ve never considered testing before driving with my CGM - assuming it’s stable and I feel fine. If you are at all worried, it’s always safer to err on the side of caution, though.

Yep I do. I test before driving even with my CGM on if it is a long drive but if it is not a long drive I don’t. When I first started using CGM I test every time I would drive but after I found out how well my CGM works for me when I am driving I only test on long drives.

Like JohnG said you have to find out how well your CGM works for you and then make your decision.

I took a tip from an article on Charlie Kimball and used velcro on my steering wheel. Now, when I drive, I have my CGM right there in front of me. Another under-appreciated value of having a CGM separate from your pump - you are not restricted with regards to its placement to suit your needs. Very convenient. Try doing that with your integrated pump+cgm :-P. Image from the article linked above:

For me I would test. The CGM is sometimes right on the money, but other times I have had to change the sensor way before the 3 day mark. I am starting to consider getting the mini One Touch to leave in the car, right next to the Glucose tabs. I have had the Revel for just under 2 months now.

I actually clipped it right to my shoulder part of my seatbelt today on the way home at chest level- very convienent too. :slight_smile:

If you are in control I can’t imagine needing to test before driving unless, perhaps, you are driving a bus/commercial vehicle and your employer requires it as a condition of employment related to your condition.

I still test before driving… the CGM does not “see” lows fast enough… with a 20 minute lag, I can be significantly lower than what it says.

Having control doesn’t necessarily mean no hypoglycemic reactions. That is why we test before driving. I am in great control, however, I test all of the time before driving and have tested at 50 without symptoms at all. I would feel awful if I crashed into someone and killed them because I was low and didn’t feel it.

I guess I agree with you that anyone who might be in this situation should test before driving. That said, being able to get to 50 without symptoms is crazy dangerous.

Test…how else can you confirm that the CGM is correct. The CGM can be quite distracting while driving if you don’t know your starting point.

I test before I drive,. I do not wear my MM CGMS daily, I have found it is not consistently reliable enough for me to nursemaid it all day. The only times I do not test before I drive is if I have just finished a meal,: I know the hour or so after eating a meal ( not a low blood sugar treatment or a snack)my blood sugar is definitely on the rise and will not be faliing anytime soon or quickly.

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