CGMS and headaches

Has anyone here experienced headaches that seem to correlate with the sensor insertion? I’m using the Dexcom. Three times I’ve started a sensor and have experienced a sort of dull heady feeling. Nothing throbbing or over painful. The first time, I thought it was coincidence, the second time, I thought, “How odd.” The third time, I’m wondering if it’s a thing with the CGMS itself.

Any thoughts?

No, I’ve never experienced anything like that. I get lots of headaches otherwise, but have never noticed anything like what you describe.

Best of luck to you,

is it possible that you’re having a minor allergic reaction to something on the sensor?
is the site turning red at all, itchy?
does the headache happen every time you put in a sensor, or only in certain locations?

I’d talk to a clinical staff at Dexcom

thank you for your feedback. I don’t know, Geoffrey. I hope it’s not that! I will look into it. thanks again.