CGMS arrived today! - can I start this on my own or do I need my CDE?

I returned to work after lunch and sitting on my chair was a box from MiniMed. Inside? My MiniLink Real-Time Continuous Glucose Monitor. Now, I’m assuming I have to call my CDE and set up a meeting to get started. Unless… can I do this on my own? I’ve been pumping for 11 years. Is there info out there that will get me started? Thoughts?

I would call your CDE and schedule an appointment to go over everything. There is a lot of information to go over.

By all means, call your CDE! I had worn a pump for 14 years when my MM CGMS box arrived and thought the same thing. But you definitely need that one-on-one orientation to get started. I even had to watch the instructional DVD several times before inserting the darn thing to be sure I had it right. Good luck!!

Thank you both! I’ll be good and call the CDE. Patience is not one of my strong points : ) LOL!

Erin, I agree that the training is important. But I would also suggest you read everything on this site that has to do with CGM. You’ll learn more on this site than you will from your CDE about the challenges with CGM. I did…

It’s rather complicated, so I would not attempt it on your own. I went through a 2-hour training with my CDE, but she was prompt in meeting with me…I think I only had to wait 3 days. But of course you can start reading the literature to get familiar with the parts and features, that will give you a head start.

Yes, call your CDE. But also, get any tips you can from those of us who actually use them!! Like me. :slight_smile: Feel free to e-mail me with any questions, and I’ll start thinking of tips that have helped me a lot. We can definitely have a CGM discussion at our September dinner.

I hope you love having a CGM as much as I do!!

Karen - You and Kerri were my inspiration to really push for it!
Gerhart and Angi - thank you both for the feedback! I really wanted to come home and attempt this by myself, but after reading everyone’s comments I’ve decided it’s best to have proper training AND do my own research and learn from those who know!