CGMS by the 1st day of school, crossing my fingers

Insurance Appeal update

I sent in my appeal August 5th. They received it August 11th. I faxed supplemental information August 13th, after life threatening hypoglycemia, this included a new letter of medical necessity with an additional dx code that includes hypoglycemia.

I called August 15, they were very helpful. They made sure the letter and materials I mailed were put together with the letter and new materials I faxed.

I called back today for a status report. She gave me a case number so it would be easy to check on the status the next time I called. When she looked in the system it said a decision would be made by August 30th. She said sometimes decisions come in earlier and the computer would be updated before I received a letter, so she said to call in about a week.

I am crossing my fingers.

Good luck, I recently started on the CGMS and it has helped me a lot. Which one are you trying to get? I am on Medtronics.

Medtronic also, dd has a 722.

If you get denied with the first appeal change the wording a little and go a second time then a third time at that point it has to go for a medical review and medical personal will look at it not bean counters.
I love my MM 722 and GCM ware it 24/7