CGMS coverage w/ no fight

I just wanted to let you guys know that I got covered for the Minimed CGMS at 90% by my federal gov’t Aetna plan. All I did was fill out the patient info form and fax it in. My doc’s office sent in their forms and voila - my transmitter and sensors are just waiting for me to get trained up. I did not have to appeal or fight anyone. The approval between sending in my paper work and getting the notification that the system was shipped out took about a month, but I think 2 weeks of that was my doctor’s office not getting their paperwork in. So hurrah for no-fight CGMS coverage!

On a side note, the Abbot Navigator was not covered. I never tried the Dexcom.

Congrats on the CGMS. I paid out of pocket for mine and it has been reliable for me. I also have the MM one. I haven’t trained on mine as I haven’t had time to meet with my trainer, but she walked me through it over the phone so I could get started on it the day I got it. I have been on it for about 2 weeks.

I got mine with no fight through my State Government insurance (BCBS of TN). But I may have to start fighting in about a month. They are talking about not covering the sensors. They review it this month.