Ch-Cha -changes

2 week appt. Good news…no other problems/issues. Bad news…now I’m told I’m Type 1 not Type 2 after all this time. So, now add Novolog Flexpen insulin for meal times and toss all the oral meds that were not doing me any good anyway.

Now I have to learn to plan, cook, claen up, figure my meal time doses and give myself a shot while looking pretty?

Husband thinks I need a second opinion. This WAS the second opinion!

As you can tell, I’m a little touchy!

Give me a couple hours to adjust my attitude. I’ll come back and edit when I get over myself.

Hi Carla,
I can definitely relate. I was diagnosed as a type 2 and we went the rounds for a couple of months with the oral meds and Byetta. During that time i had a lot more loss of kidney function, and got into trouble with my liver and heart. Well, they didn’t work for me, but I sure got sicker. Then the doctor put me on insulin. The great news is the insulin works !!!
I realize the insulin is a scary thing at first. But the difference in the way you will feel is the best part. It feels so good to keep my blood sugar down and under control. I hope you get some help in learning how to calculate the dosages and are feeling better soon. My best teacher with the insulin is my son (another type 1)
You don’t need to get over yourself. Just give yourself some time. Watch your diet, count your carb intake and in the beginning err on the small side. As you learn how much you need to get you the readings you want then it will be easier to increase your dose. Good luck and come back and let us know how you are doing.

Amiga, I can totally relate!

I went through the same story in late 2002. Sounds like you are LADA. Join this group so you can see you are not alone:
and make sure to visit the Type 1.5 diabetes forum category too in the Forum section.

Take care and don’t let this get you down… it’s tough at first.