Champagne Bears Oh My

I’m at work, having a great day then BAM I start crying…then I proceed to think of my ex boyfriend and start crying even more. I start to question my sanity for a moment then check and I’m at 70 going down verified by a finger stick. I’m currently really happy because I listened to the voice inside me during lunch to buy these cute non-alcoholic champagne gummy bears. Take that Friday low blues, you don’t stand a chance against champagne gummy bears!


Shortly after I was first diagnosed with type 1 diabetes I had to make a rule for myself that if I ever felt suicidal I should check the glucose levels to make sure the ideas I was having were not an artifact of my abnormal state.


When running low I will also feel down. Good indicator to check BS.

Champagne gummy bears, oh my. Where do you get them…what a fun way to treat a low!

At first I only saw them in Starbucks now they sell them in Target. (Dear Lord I feel so mainstream lol)

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Oh, good. I have to go to Target this week to pick up kitty litter.