Change is Good :)

Hello one and all and no one!

I have now relocated from Melbourne Australia, to Perth! And I cannot tell you how lovely it all feels. This is such a small and very insignificant blog but I really wanted to let everyone know that they should embrace change, be it today, tomorrow or whenever! Because you never know what is on the other side of your grey mundane familiar wall!

I am so looking forward to meeting new friends, finding a new job, starting University! Change is such a powerful thing but you really should look at it from every single little angle before you kick against it!

Unfortunately I can't say that my blood has improved. But it doesn't mean I've given up! I am going to CHANGE the future of my diabetic health, hope you will too :)



This is very inspirational. I don't know much about where you're going, but it sounds like an exciting change, and I wish you lots of luck and happiness. That's a beautiful picture, by the way!

Welcome to Perth, Kathleen. Enjoy Uni!

I read that Perth is supposed to be neat, some sort of fabulous park? Enjoy college! I am not sure about the "change" thesis though. I still don't like the remodeled Tu...

Sure is, Acid, Perth rocks!

Thank you for your lovely comments! Perth is so beautiful and the weather brilliant! I hope college will be good Acidrock, but time will tell! :) Also never saw Tu Diabetes before this 'change' so I might have agreed with you! Some change is bad I guess, Haha.

Welcome to Perth Kathleen :) Have you heard about YWAIT? Young Western Australian Insulin Takers - a social/support group for young T1's in WA. Check out our website and join the group if you have fb:

Wow THANKS That will really help with my journey and starting a life here :) Muchly appreciated! Haha. Its not letting me join at the moment - I think there is a URL problem! But I will keep trying :)

No probs - glad you worked it out in the end :)