Change of routine causing problems

I'm 1 year into my diagnosis. Still honeymooning. Normally I've had excellent control with mealtime novolog only so far.

Over the past few days, and for the next several weeks I've been at a training facility to upgrade my professional license--- It is a really big deal that I have looked forward to and worked hard on for many years. It is also an extremely demanding and difficult program. I've been spending, and will continue to spend 16+ hours a day studying, crunching extremely complex numbers, and generally ripping my hair out.

Normally I maintain normal levels aside from after meals which I have to bolus for-- since I got here, though, my numbers have been starting to spike as soon as my dinner-time bolus wears off. I've been under 130 2 hours after dinner (and after taking novolog)... which is fine-- but then I'll test again at about 11 pm when I get done studying and find that I am 160 or something, which is totally out of pattern for me.

Last night I started taking 6u lantus at about midnight when I finally get to bed-- that was enough to keep me quite low, but ok, throughout the day-- but again spiked this evening when I'm franticaly crunching numbers.

I plan to try taking Lantus at dinner or lunch tomorrow instead of bedtime... so it will be more likely to be active in the evening instead of wearing off. Does anyone have any other ideas?

I'm sure this is stress related-- but I'm stressed all day-- so why only the problem in the evening? Any ideas or suggestions are welcome.

You might try splitting the Lantus dose; many people have better results with a split dose. Then you can try playing with the dose and the split a bit to get the help when you need it. Good luck with your training program!

I'm sure stress is having a lot to do with it, and that and your a year out now, you may very well start needing some basal. I agree Lantus does work better as a split dose. Before I went on my pump, I had to split mine. You might try 3 units in the evening, and then another 3 units in the am. I think that makes for a smoother Lantus experience. I feel for you I've been hitting the books now like crazy for a certification exam on Monday, and I'm really kinda a lot higher than I normally am, and I'm having a harder time with corrections. Grrrrr.

Stress is a good culprit but don't be too sure the honeymoon might not be winding down too. I know you're totally on top of your game but some of these things (both stress and ending homegrown insulin...) may not occur in a linear, across the board fashion.