"Change Sensor Soon" message

How long do you get between the first “Change Sensor Soon” message and the end of a sensor’s life?
Thanks- Allen

I believe it’s 6 hours. This info is in the manual if you want to actually look it up but I’m pretty sure there a message at 6 hours, one at 3 hours, and one at 1 hour or something like that.

The last warning is at 30 minutes before expiration, and I believe Rebecca is right about the 6 and 3 hours warnings.

Ciao, Luca

I always set up my genuine new Sensor occurrences in the late morning (with the Sensor inserted the night before, for 10-12 hours of extra warm-up while the monitor still runs with the “old” one). That way, I never get “caught” with the 2-hour wait at an inconvenient time.

Thanks all.