Changed my user name

Felt weird to me after Leonard Nimoy passed, so I changed my user name.

Live long and prosper.

Thanks Brain. Figured after I had been here so long, and because he made my anonymity, it was time to use my real first name.

I struggled with using my real name. In the end I concluded that I could still preserve my real identity while using my real first name and picture. I still worry from time to time tho.

I still feel like Spock embodied characteristics we all sometimes aspire to. I would like to be unemotional and dispassionate about things. But sadly, I am human.

But will they also change the name on your Joslin medal? :-)

Take care,


Goodbye, Spock, hello Sue!

Nice to meet you, Sue! I've had a few names: For a while I used "lulagirl" as a screen name - Lula was a much-loved cat who shared my home for 18 years. Many people I met in RL knew me as Lula. Zoe is my legal name, but not the one I was born with. I used it off and on for many years and then because it had become who I am I changed it legally. Privacy is a relative term in our culture today.

I hear you on that Zoe ... I actually have been reported to Facebook, by goodness knows who for using the name of FatCatAnna - it's not legit according to their website - though I was using my RL for searchability as well - so basically people knew who I was. As of yesterday, and how FB is requesting legal documents to proof who I am ... I am wiping my hands clean of the Gestapo agents there ... and coming back home to Tudiabetes for my "fix" ;)

Hello Sue

Glad to now know both your name and your mug shot !!! It was great meeting up with you in Sin City!!!

Welcome back, FatCatAnna. I think there is going to be a major scandal with Facebook that will blow their credibility all to hell and disillusion all the hordes of fans.

It was really good to finally meet you face to face as well. I think for many of us the trip was a momentous thing in our lives. I was sad to see the difficulty you had over at facebook, I may also be denied my right to establish my on-line persona, we shall see. I think we all should have the right to our own name and identity on-line.

WOW. I am impressed you remember, as "you have and always will be"....Important to me. No, it is in my name, not Spock's.

You were the one who made me think about this change, and Nimoy passing.

On the privacy issue--I am highly controlled online, but here is more paranoid. It is a lot of details about my health.

OH my! It is Mr. Spock Sock Cat.. OK.... Thanks, FatCatAnna.

Peggy Sue?

Surely not A Boy Named Sue.

Or was that Shirley?