Changes in allergic reactions to penicillian?

My son was diagnosed last March with Type 1. He was very sick for 2 weeks, DKA, his body attacked his muscle and he ended up with Rabdomyosis. He is great now. Now ill effects. Except I am wondering… This winter he has had three ear infections. Each time they put him on an antibiotic he developed patches of dry skin on his truck and face. The Pediatrician said it was unrealated…but why did it only occur after the antibiotics and clear up after he stopped taking them. I asked our Ped. if his immune system changed after diagnosis and if he could not be allergic to penicillian, she said no. I have my doubts. Any one else with something like this???

I am also T1 and alergic to PCN. For me since my Dx in June 2008 I am still alergic to PCN. I had it by accident in December and still had issues breathing and hives.