Changing Health Insurance = different perspective on jobs

Back in January I got a new job, corporate accounts payable for a health care company. The thought of a regular schedule and an office job trumped the pay cut I was taking (about a $.50 pay cut). The health insurance wasn’t good, but I would have been able to make due. Now, I’ve started encountering some health issues and my PCP is insisting that I see a gastroenterologist and a neurologist and he also says I need an MRI. None of which were truly covered by the insurance I had at my new job (though I’m sure there would have been lowered, insurance negotiated prices). I absolutely hated this job (I don’t use the H word often). I started having panic attacks and getting depressed over my job. It wasn’t worth it anymore, and after some long thought about it, I quit. I have money saved and can live comfortably on my savings while I search for a new job.

Here’s where my point is. I’m now looking at jobs that I wouldn’t have previously considered. Specifically, I found a job opening as a school janitor. I’ve always known that this is great job, great benefits, it just wasn’t something I strived to be (please, if you are a janitor, don’t take offense to this). Now, however, I’m hoping I get this job!! It pays $5 an hour more than what I was making, plus has great benefits. I’m no stranger to hard, physical work, and would welcome that after sitting in an office chair for 3 months. I’ve also received a job offer as a nursing assistant that pays more than what I was making.

It just amazes me how different my life goals have become due to this disease and to the changing health insurance issues (which have yet to help me). Maybe I’m just getting more mature and practical, but a higher paying job with better benefits sounds amazing, no matter what the job is. Who cares what my job title is as long as I can pay my bills, take care of myself, and have a good life. I’m intelligent and hard working, people expect certain things from me (family, friends, my old teachers) but I’m beginning to realize that what is best for someone else, or what is good to say to others, is not necessarily what is good for me, and that feels so freeing.

I kind of feel like I’m just rambling on, but I wanted to share my experience in hopes that someone can relate.


I assure you I can relate 100%. I very nearly applied for a job that pays about 35% what my current one does a couple months ago just because I thought it would make my life more simple… Jobs aren’t everything. There are a shocking number of janitors out there with PhDs, that tells you something…