Changing in insulim pump

Yesterday I had traning with Janna Zens for Animas 2020… Lasted 2 hours. Talked about everything you can imagine about the Animas 2020… Of Course I had questions… Janna answer them… Animas 2020 has 500 food list in the insulin pump that you can choose from going out to eat or staying home… Has the carbs count for the food list…Say your don’t have a A&W in your town.but you have a Sonic, you can delete the A&W foood list and add Sonic… Cool! plus you can download songs from the software to your insulin pump for the different alarms… Say you were going on a vacation for 2 weeks in Paris… You can call Animas and tell them you’re going on vacation for 2 weeks, They will send you a back up insulin pump for FREE… If you don’t use it all you have to do is send it back… Wow! I have never been with an Insulin Pump Company who would do that for FREE!!!

Yesterday was my first day of using Animas 2020… It was wonderful because I could see the screen… So far, I’m going to love it better than my Minimed insulin pump… It has a lot more features than the Minimed 515 insulin pumps… like normal bolus, ezCarb ezBG Combo Bolus and Reminders in the Bolus… It has weekdays and weekends Basal if you have a different Schedule on the weekends than weekdays…

Love Pink! that’s the color of my Animas 2020!

WOW! Thanks for posting! I had absolutely no clue that the Animas had so many features! That’s awesome!
Take care!