Changing Pod

Has anyone experienced a high blood sugar after changing a pod? Since the insulin is not there for the time you have a pod off…Just curious in the matter…we are still in the process of getting everything set, so all information is helpful! Thanks so much,

We had the same issue with our son. Gary Scheiner told us to make sure to change the pod (when possible) at a time when we could give our son a big bolus of a least a full unit. The problem isn’t the tiny amount of time the pod is off, it is that it takes the new pod a while to establish a pathway with just the basal. The big bolus seems to jump start the process. We’ve had far fewer problems since we started doing that. Good luck!

Thank you for the reply! I didn’t think about that. I might try that next time around!

I have had this problem with my daughter. We have started to give her a double basel bolus (does that make sense?) before we deactivate the pod. This has helped us a LOT. Like Beth, our diabetes educator/trainer also suggested changing her pod when we can give her a big bolus like around dinner time. We really had a hard time at first figuring this out and my daughers BG’s were in the 400’s every time we changed a pod and it would take us between 3 and 4 hours to get her back into the normal range.

Just in case it is confusing what I mean by double basel bolus is that we take whatever her basel rate is when we are about to change the pod (for instance .30) and we give her a bolus for double that amount (.60) before we deactivate the old pod (as long as it is still giving her insulin).


My nurse practitioner told me in our first session that many people go high right after changing pods. She suggested that I give myself one unit of insulin as a bolus right after I change pods. She had another idea that I haven’t tried – leave the first pod on for a while even after it’s been deactivated and you’ve activated a new one.

One pod at a time is enough for me. :slight_smile:


I am glad i’m not the only one! i am going to see if there is a pattern the next couple times i change the pod and talk to my cde next time i go in next week. thanks to everyone for their input!! it is really appreciated =)

I talked to my endo today about changing the pod. She mentioned that I should try giving a bolus BEFORE I changed the pod so it could get to correcting. I am going to try that on friday when I change my pod. Just wanted to put that out there!

Once a pod has been deactivated it stops delivering insulin.

So, I changed the pod this morning and did an extra unit with breakfast and then changed my pod. And my level did not go high afterwards!!! =) So…i think i’ve finally got it figure out!

I am glad giving yourself an extra bolus helped you out!