Changing pumps early

Has anyone ever had any luck with switching pumps early? We are currently on the omnipod and while it has its benifits it’s also become little annoying. Failed pods which they do replace. But still. Ripped off pods. Pods coming off while swimming. And huge bruises from pods. Plus she been having few lows so I really like the idea of basal iq. We have bcbs of ga. M

I suggest you start with a call to Tandem, and see if they can help. They may have ideas on how to prepare for appealing decisions by your healthcare provider, and if others have been successful.
Also be sure to check your doctor is supportive too, and may also know how to document medical necessity for change in treatment.

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Yeah - I agree with @MM1.
If Tandem does not deal directly with your insurance company, they will give you a specific distributor who they know does deal with your insurance company.

I would think it not as big of a deal switching from Omnipod as opposed to switching from a tubed pump. Difference obviously being the very large upfront cost of a tubed pump compared with the minimal upfront cost of the Omnipod PDM.

Some of the issues like pods coming off, are probably fixable with help from people on the forums here that use Omnipod. But yeah - the Basal-IQ is really awesome. I assume you are already on the G6?

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We have the G6. And I have tried skim tac and over patches and things like that. But we live where it is super hot and the pool is where she spends a lot of her time. The pods can’t hold up


Bear in mind the X2 is not listed as waterproof although we give it no special consideration around water. It has a water specification of 3 feet for 30 minutes.

If we are at the beach, we would remove the pump. Every two hours, reconnect and bolus for two hours worth of basal then disconnect again.

Some people use waterproof bags.

But in terms of comfortably wearing a pump (any sort) in a pool, I would think the Omnipod would be more comfortable. Except that if it keeps coming off that kinda defeats the whole purpose.

What are your thoughts on how you would handle a tubed pump in a pool environment?

Most likely the same way you handle the beach. Remove the pump let her swim
And play I means she comes out to take snack breaks anyway so I could bolous her then and she could get back in. And Atleast I’m Not losing a pump every time
She swims.

Yeah - I imagine that gets old real quick.

There’s an arm sleeve for OmniPods.

Google - omnipod arm sleeves