Changing the infusion set after a laparoscopic appendectomy

Hi All!

I had my appendix removed on Weds. I am so overdue in changing the infusion set but worried about where can I place it after having an appendix removed. I was in the hospital overnight and carefully taking it easy at home now. But where an I put the infusion set so I am able to change it? anyone been through this?

Hope you’re healing well Amy! Try your thigh, or love handles?

I’ve never had my appendix removed, but if you’re overdue, you def want to move it, even if it’s an inch away from the old one. The only two sites I’ve tried are stomach and upper butt, both with excellent success. I almost prefer the upper butt for infusions and stomach for dexcom sensors. The last thing you want after a surgery is an infection from the infusion site

I LOVE the love handles. My favorite sites. It did take a while before I could talk myself into going there though.

Gotta say thighs are my favorite. The dex sensor I have in now is at about 2 o’clock, looking straight down at the top of my thigh, and maybe 1/4-1/3 the way down from my hip. For me, there’s a lot less issue with tubing hanging out or getting caught as it’s coming up (does that make sense?) Love handles are my 2nd fav :wink:

I wish I could use the thighs. Got plenty of fat around the midsection but would undoubtably be hitting muscle if I tried the thighs.

Hope your recovery goes well Amy.

You could also try your hips/butt for the infusion sets. I find it easy to insert them myself but sometimes harder to reattach after disconnecting.

Thanks guys! I am recovering slowly but good. I am sitting down as much as possible and taking advantage of sitting as much as possible. I found a spot to put the infusion set and it didnt hurt inserting which is good! Now I know lower back/hip area is good till I recover

You can put an infusion set anywhere you can give a shot. Back of the arms would work too but you’d have to deal with the tubing through your sleeve.

Glad your recovery is going well.

I understand that you would be uncomfortable to put an inset in after getting a appendix removed…I don’t have that same problem but I am limited where I can put mine because of not fat so instead my insulin is going through my muscle…But I feel for you…Mine was removed at the age of 13…Good luck…Darlene

Yes there is other places you can put an inset…

Yep thats the area that I put mine in…

Hope you get well soon

thanks…I am feeling a wee bit better today. I can’t wait to feel my old self tho. I managed to find a few places to put it :)…the nice thing is I have the 43 inch sets to use while I am healing

I have to find places on me to put mine because of low fat cells…So I know what your going through.
I just hope you feel better soon…Darlene