Changing the site

Yesterday was day four on the pump and the first time I had to change my pump site. I followed all the steps all 13 steps that is. Overall, changing the site was not bad. The worst part was taking off the sticky thing. Ouch! It hurt much worse then taking off a bandage. It felt like I was being stung. After the initial sting, I got all my prepping devices reservoir, insulin, prep pad, you name it was on my dinning room table. My pump consultant said it should only take me ten minutes to change the site, boy was he wrong. I spent 30 minutes trying to get all the air bubbles out. I guess it’s not good to drop the vial of insulin on the floor before starting. The next time I change the site is Wednesday. I hope it will go a lot smoother. I will try not to let my clumsy hands drop the vial.
In other pump news, I finally slept through the night without a sugar low. It has been a long time since I have been able to do that. The pump is great

You’ll get used to it, and won’t have to look at the book or anything real soon! I think you need to pull the dressing off quickly. If there is residue, you can get adhesive remover wipes - the brands are “remove” or “uni-solve”. In my 19 years of pumping, I’ve never gotten too crazy about getting every single air bubble out - I just keep priming until the insulin is coming out - if you drop the vial, and it’s real bubbly, just get another vial. Good job, Diana! Pump proudly

Another thing you can use to help get the infusion set off is nail polish remover. It will help dissolve the adhesive on it. I hope you continue to like your pump. I have been pumping a little over a month and I can already see a huge difference. 2 months ago my HBA1C was 7 and after one month of pumping it is down to 5.4. Hang in there and you will get it and forget you have it on and will be able to change the site in a flash.

I found that my first insertion set removal was the worst - I thought I’d never get it off. But now, they seem to come off easier and they don’t hurt as much. I don’t know if I’m just more used to it, or getting better at pulling them off or what. But the first was definately the worst. I’ll be at 4 weeks on the pump tomorrow, and I’m just now getting the hang of fulling the reservoir without getting a ton of bubbles. It’s just a learning curve, I guess, but it does get easier each time!