Charles County, Maryland? Parents of type 1 pre-schooler?

My husband just orders to Maryland, looking for other pre-school aged children who are type one for my daughter to make friends with and for myself another parent so I don’t feel nuts here.

We live in Montgomery County, MD (not all that close) and have a Kindergartner with T1- he’s on the pump. He doesn’t know any other kids with the disease & I’m sure he’d love to have a friend his age with it. (And he’s quite the talker!)

that is most awesome!! sophia talks alot too. she doesnt have friends and she is enrolling in a daycare tomorrow and they said they have a couple kids with diabetes. but it still would be nice to have a friend for her to call her own outside daycare.

plus, Rockville, MD isn’t that far… i drive to silver springs alot.

How great that Sophia is going to a daycare where they have diabetes experience! When Sol was diagnosed, he was in preschool and he was the first child that any of them had had with the disease. They were amazing, though, and learned very quickly. (and were an amazing support)

I know it’s really nice not to be the “only one”- I was diagnosed at age 4, too, and never knew anyone that had type 1 while I was growing up. (There was one other child in my school system, but he was much younger) Since then, the only people who come to mind are one of my college professors and a girl I worked with for a while.

Our life is a bit hectic at the moment- we’re expecting our second child, a daughter, on Nov 12. But once she’s here and we can tell up from down, I think it would be wonderful to get Sophia and Sol together. I’m sure he’d love to show her his pump and tell her about how much he loves it!


compared to the department of the navy vs. the marines, marines treated her like she had leprosy! the marine day care centers were scared to take her and the centers that would i couldn’t afford. now im here the navy center has diabetic children, pediatrician on staff and a nurse. they had a open spot and i took it!

sophia would love to meet him, right now i am trying to get situated with work, the house and the navy lol.

I’m so glad the local Navy preschool was better- and to have a pediatrician there- excellent! Sounds like madness- it’s difficult being “stuck” in a system for health care that isn’t friendly. I’m quite the health care fighter these days, after 27 years with diabetes, I have learned about all the loop holes and the things people don’t say. It’s no surprise so many of us (family members & diabetics) are crusaders for fair health care!

My most recent battle was getting some very necessary pump supplies covered by my hands off insurance. They gave me the slip twice, but on the final appeal, they covered it. I think they hope we won’t fight- and with all diabetics have going on, we shouldn’t have to.

Good luck settling in. I’m so happy for you that you found a good childcare fit. It’s not easy, but so important for our kiddos!

well there is more and more and more good news! the doctor she has as her primary is going to work with endo and the daycare and they are going to put the squeeze on military health care to get her a pump! im soooo excited! i am just soo over whelmed with joy. but its going to be a trial cause in order to do this i need alot of help and my husband needs to go to counseling with me to work through the junk keeping him from helping me.