Charlie Sheen, Corageous?

Charlie says the reason he can do the things he does and still survive…He “has Tiger Blood” and the DNA of “Adonnis”. I would doubt he could ever live ONE DAY with the crap we put up with! (and I dont clain to have the blood of a jungle animal, or the DNAl of some fictitious goddess).

Charlie couldn’t live his life as he does being diabetic, or deal with what we do. No doubt he must have a strong constitution & a lot of luck. Look at Keith Richards:) His behavior seems bipolar.

being born to a famous movie star, have a strong liver and a career where intelligence is not required are the best things to happen to him

Tiger blood? I haven’t seen any of his recent interviews. But I just saw a picture of the guy. He looks suspiciously like he’s a speed freak. Okay, Charlie, let’s you and me change places for a day. At this age, he really should know that he is not, in fact, bullet proof.

I really do reccomend seeking out all interviews with him these days…they really are very entertaining! I cought him last nithgt on 20/20, and when he bragged about how strong he is, and the crap he has to deal with every day, I had to think …“what do YOU have to deal with everyday…you panzy!”

yeah this is not going to end well. glad they took the kids out of that home

He is definitely a “nut-case”. It’s a shame he is getting so much attention and media time.

Absurd the amount of attention he’s getting even with the media’s love of the outrageous & outspoken. He’s having a bipolar breakdown & being rewarded for it. A train wreck.

Totally agree!

He is definitely manic and in need of some lithium.

I would hate the tables be turned and have to have diabetes and His issues too…so the door swings both ways…

He gets the attention, but also gets payed for it to.

Do we really think his show has been on TV for so long and no one liked it.

Mental illness is not something to laugh about, or be shamed on…I know people who are Bi-polar and there lives were unraveled and feel to pieces til thay got meds and under control.

Except for the first couple of episodes, I never watched the show because Sheen was on it. It looks like he wasn’t acting but was just being his creepy self on the program…and getting paid for it.

I just feel so bad and concerned for his children…