Charm Bracelet

Was going through my jewelry box today and omg, found my charm bracelet. I found one of the charms to be a syringe, ahhh!!!!

Ooooo and yes I graduated high school in '76, I was born in August, I lived in IN, I went to the WI Dells, I took typing in high school and yes I was confirmed.

Oooooo and you can push on the plunger and a needle pops out!!

That is the cutest bracelet. Indeed a treasure to pass on. Don’t laugh but what do you mean confirmed? Ah just curious. LOL

Wow, I want a syringe charm! I wonder who came up with that!

One of the charms says Confirmation, through Church 8th grade

Maybe I should take the charm off and wear around my neck for the month of November and D day.

Wow, I love it. Thanks for sharing it.

The syringe is too cute - I also love the turtle and flip flops! I say wear it proudly for November and everyday.

Have not worn it in years, and only recently bought the flip flops from a FL trip. Never finished filling the bracelet, but it may become my new hobby :slight_smile: