How come no one is ever in the chat room? Are there so few member here that people are only in the chat room at certain times? I enjoy chatting with people but no one is ever here.


I don't go in the chat room much as I'm not a huge fan of it. I like all the people there and certainly miss the people who go there instead of the forums but I'm a big fan of message boards > chat/ twitter/ FB for D stuff, which is why I hang out here.

Chat does seem to come and go. It is most popular after the dinner hour. If you visit Chat and find no one there please be patient people pop in and out often during the day and someone usually comes along after a short while.

Please don't give up on it, it is gaining in popularity all the time.

Why not both? I like chat, and I like participating in discussions as well. Come check us out some time ;0