Chatter Boxes Unite

Do you Chat, Great! We need you. Please come join us in the Chat Room. It’s running right now in the lower right corner of the page. Just click on the "Main Room" and an almost constant flow of chatter is happening almost all the time. For the seasoned chatters amongst us you know the drill all you have to do is join in.

Say you’re not a Chat person, say you don’t know what folks see in Chat, Well Welcome friend we are kindred spirits, Or at least we were until recently when I actually tried my hand at Chat. I had always looked at the Chat Room and saw nothing but a dizzying stream of words going by, I would scratch my head and say” Huh! I wonder what that’s all about, there’s no way I could ever do that, I would never be able to get a word in edgewise.” It took me two years on TuD to try Chat and now I’m hooked. It’s seems that this shy old boy can Chat.
So what do we talk about in Chat. Anything and Everything and it’s not always D related. We talk about D things, we joke, we poke fun, talk trivia and sometimes just plain old foolishness. We generally keep a light mood going in the Chat Room but let a member come in need of help or support or in need of reassurance then the atmosphere changes faster than a NASCAR driver looking at a green flag. That’s when the caring comes out and it’s amazing to watch.

So Please, Come give it a try. We would love to have you. There are two main rules in The Chat Room. Please keep the conservation “PG13” and Dispensing of Medical Advice is not allowed.

Come Chat with us and maybe make a few friends

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great gary love that post u tell'em abourt us!!!

Thank you Gary....for bringing awareness to our oasis...our refuge...our sanctuary
...our beloved Chat Room!

Gary great post! Come join us guys ;)

Great post, Gary. The more the merrier. Let's all meet new friends!

Well said, Gary. As a resource, the chat room is as valuable as any other part of the site. I've learned things and picked up techniques and bits of knowledge there that I found nowhere else. And the comradeship is priceless. There's nothing in the world like talking to someone who really knows where you're coming from.

It can on occasion supply much-needed comic relief, too. :)

Thanks for writing this Stem. This Chat Room is one huge wealth of knowledge for myself and others hopefully. In my limited time here in Chat I have never been criticized for my lack of D knowledge but have felt welcomed by people such as yourself. You are an excellent Ambassador to this Chat Room Stem. Great Post Neighbor!!

I love the chat room too. I like to visit in the afternoons before I start cooking. It's been a great way for me to get to know some of my friends in a more personal way. I've seen some amazing support go on there, you're right about the atmosphere changing on a dime when the need is there. thanks for writing this gary!

What has happened to the chat room?

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Hi Kelly. The chat feature was removed because the third party service we used was not updating their codes, resulting in technical problems.

Beyond Type 1 has been and is continuing to work on a replacement. As soon as that is stable, it will be deployed as a new chat function in the forum.