Cheap meter?

I know there are some old posts about cheap (secondary) meters, but some of that discussion was several years old. I am wondering if anything new has come out in the past few years.

I test so much that I want to find a cheapie to help.

I used to use the True2Go. It was okay, but they stopped making strips for that. I got what I thought was their replacement, it was made by the same company Trividia Health. It’s the TrueBalance. Man, that thing is awful!

I know some people are looking at the Onedrop, and I looking forward to hearing if that one is good. I am also looking into that one!

Sometimes I use the ReliOn, which I think is pretty good for a relatively cheap secondary meter. And I’ve seen the Mydario ( advertised, which looks cool, but I’ve never used that one.

Putting aside the debate about which meter is the “best” :slight_smile:, what do you say about a relatively cheap and accurate secondary meter?

I’ll start off with my recommendation. Don’t use the TrueBalance! This meter does this all the time. It gives me some wacky number that I know is wrong, and then I immediately check it against my FSL. Last night I also checked it against the PDM meter. The TrueBalance was way off.

There is absolutely no value in getting a reading that you don’t know is even close to correct! And in this case, it’s not just “no value”, it’s potentially dangerous.

Thanks for sharing your experience, knowledge, & wisdom!

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