Cheaper infusion set alternatives/ assistance programs for infusion sets

Both myself and my fiance have been laid off and will be loosing our insurance shortly because of it. I really need to stay on my pump without it I would be on 3 different insulins (Lantus, novalog, and and intermediary acting insulin) and be taking over 12 injections a day and even then my control was spotty, which in the end I think would end up costing much more than my apirdra plus pump supplies. I currently have tons of cartridges and insulin the only thing I am close to running out of is the infusion sets. I currently use accucheck tenders for my spirit pump and was wondering if anyone knew of either generic infusion sets that cost less but where still similar and compatible or if any one knows of any sort of assistance programs.

Thank you for your help.

Sorry to hear about your unemployment. Have you checked out They may be able to help, or direct you somewhere for help.

Unfortunately I did look at, they said that they are no longer taking any applications as they have exhausted their funds for pump supplies, that they may start taking applications again but they don’t know when.

Try going to your local hospital and see if they have a foundation… often money is set aside in the foundation for immediate need and assistance.

The Spirit takes any set that has the standard luer lock connection. I’ve had my Disetronic pumps for 18 years and I’ve always used the Minimed sets.

Fifty50 makes a generic infusion set that is generally a little cheaper, I believe.