Cheating with V8 (or other somesuch)

Is it possible to “cheat” on eating veggies and/or fruit and have a V8 instead? Or would that not really count?

I’d much rather have a beverage than veggies and fruit. Veggies and boring, and the carbs are right on the bottle (unlike with fruit: having to figure out how many carbs, what’s the fruit’s size, etc.).

Just asking… :slight_smile:

There are 8 varieties of vegetable in V8, but I do not think there is enough of each one in a glass of juice to make up all of your daily recommended amount!

You could try buying different vegetables, eat some and juice some yourself so you get some of the fibre and juice the rest! Also v8 and all the other juices are quite high in salt.

I do know what you feel though - especially if you live alone!

I will often use the vegetables finely chopped as the base of a sauce, say with a jacket potato and some meat. Add a salad and that is all you need.

I live alone and rely a lot on frozen vegetables. I also make a lot of soup in the winter, soup is a good way for veggie haters to get them down, cold soups in the summer are refreshing too.

I don’t think of V8 as cheating if it’s used sometimes. We normally eat our veggies but life is busy sometimes and veggies aren’t always a part in a quick eat and run meal. V8 fills the spot and is Better than nothing. We have the low sodium V8 which I think is still a bit too much salt. I thought I bought one with no salt. I remember cuz our Son didn’t like it. I could be wrong. Also for a change, there are lots of different types of frozen veggies. The carbs are right on the package per serving. Boil, steam, nuke, stir-fry(add garlic or onions if you like) and melt some cheese on it.

I try to get the “antioxidant” flavor, it used to have a blue streak in the label and had a bunch of extra vitamins on the label. I think it counts. I also like it for lows, as I feel like I’m having veggies and it seems to hit nicely. Also good for bloody marys!

First, you have to actually believe that veggies and fruit are good sources of your nutrients. Often, we get confused. I consider fruit a poor source of needed nutrients and a very dense source of carbs. But given that you want to get fruits and veggies, you must realize that juicing increases the overall bioavailability and speed of digestion. Normally, we chew our food into little bits and then swallow. In many cases, food that is not chewed into oblivion will just pass through us. Much of it is digested slowly, if at all.

When you juice, it is all chopped into miniscule bits. You will maximize getting most of the nutrients out, which could be a good thing. But you will also accelerate and maximize the absorption of carbs. So juicing will cause a larger and faster blood sugar response. Sometimes it may surprise you, particular for veggies that are considered more complex carbs. And juicing a fruit will likely result in a concotion that will cause a blood sugar response similar to table sugar.

but it makes my hair shiny!! LOL, just kidding! I agree that the veggies in V8 work faster! I also pretty much entirely steer clear of fruit. Although recently, people have included watermelon in the snacks at running and, as it’s stored on ice, it’s super cold and tastes really fabulous after a run. I don’t eat more than a couple of chunks of it and figure it’s ok after getting my ya-ya’s out!?

You have an enviable metabolism. I think the choices of fruits and veggies is personal. But I get concerned that some people are advised that the somehow “need” things like fruits for their nutritional value. But the limited nutrients that are in fruits come with a heavy load of carbs and juicing can make that into a carb “shot.” For you, after a run, perhaps you really need that. But we should remember that juicing will modify how the food impacts our blood sugar.

ps. And I actually do occaisonally drink V8, but just as you do as a strong bloody mary, with enough vodka to offset the carbs.

Vodka offsets carbs?

Watermelon is mostly water anyway! I agree it tastes fabulous chilled. Sometimes at summer parties I’ll get half a watermelon, scoop out balls, then pile them back into the shell, douse with peach schnapps and chill. People fight to drink up the bowl!