Check this out! Nanachip for early type 1 Dx

The article cites instances of adults being incorrectly Dx'd with type 2 (something many of us are all too familiar with). I found it on the ADA Adults with type 1 forum, So if the link doesn't work the way I copied it, you can read the article their.

Looks like good news to me!

Interesting. I didn't realize the other antibody testing was so expensive. This will definitely make it easier an less expensive and then everyone can be tested when they get a D diagnosis which is great.

As a computer idiot I need to ask, were you able to open the link I posted or did you have to go to the other forum? And I agree, with this development everyone can be tested. AS you know I was one of those Dx'd with type 2 because I was 30 years old - even though I presented with classic rapid onset type 1 symptoms. Like you, I didn't realize the other testing was so expensive. Even so...y weeks in ICU were probably more expensive for my health plan - ya think?

Hi Artwoman,

I was able to see the full article which is great! I totally agree, x days/weeks in icu/hospital is a lot more expensive than antibody testing, not to mention the numerous doctors I saw leading up to it most of whom failed to even test my bg. When this comes out I'm hoping my father and brother can easily be tested. How long did it take before you were properly diagnosed?

About 7-8 months. I was initially Dx'd with type 2 at 30 years old. My symptoms: the peeing, thirst, tired all the time, I'm very nearsighted so I don't recall vision problems, weight loss- got down to about 105 lbs (I am 5'6"). Using (I am presuming) only the age criteria I got the type 2 Dx. I was found by a neighbor in DKA coma - she noticed I didn't leave for my day job. Fortunately, my day job was with the city fire dept, they knew I had D and dispatched from the Chief's office. In the ERM the4 attending Endo got it right from the very start.
An additional hassle was in the ICU. They assumed that because I was 30 and it said type 1 on my chart, that I had not taken care of myself. So I got lectured during rounds several times a day. Finally my "hero Endo" asked - during rounds how long I had been Dx'd with type 1. I answered in a number that was a few days and hours. That shut the RNs and residents up.

As someone misdiagnosed with type 2, I approve of this.

Wow, artwoman, you are very lucky your friend checked on you and to have survived all of that! I can't believe they would lecture you about anything, anyone can end up in dka for many reasons like illness, dehydration, pump/tubing malfunctions etc.