CHECK your batteries

I had been having problems with high numbers and then very low numbers on my FSB and other readings.
I called the company that makes my meter…I have two, a regular ONE STEP and a MINI ULTRA ONE STEP…they are both about three years old…still work well, still give (or so I thought) the readings I need.
However, the batteries were low according to the tech I talked to…I replaced the batteries, and my readings went back to being the normal readings I would expect. She told me that as a rule of them, she changes her on Jan 1 and June 1…just to be sure. She says some people will change them on their birthdays. A good thought to remember.

Also, from my pharmacist, with those low readings, I checked my strips, the exp date was Aug. 20…okay that is 6 weeks away at that time, they are still good. WRONG! Each little strip has a ticking bomb in it, so to speak, they don’t all turn bad on the date listed, some will be earlier than that, some will be useable after that. But, if you are getting weird readings, it’s worth checking your strips to make sure they are still good. My pharamcist suggested that at least 6 - 8 weeks before the exp date, you order new ones and start using those…it’s not worth bad readings because of bad strips. AND sure enough, I changed and got better readings.

Just like with those pesky smoke and CO2 detectors dates and changes are important. Who would have guessed.

I’ve had my meters almost 3 years and never had a problem. On another formum I heard strips were still good well after the expiration date. I buy mine online and the expiration date is well over a year away.