Cheese, have you ever considered making your own?

My sister is an avid canner and gardener. Last summer she started buying whole milk from a farmer because food had sky rocketed. Then she got on line and discovered a place that sells the cultures you would need to make your own cheese. She now regularly makes her own cheddar and mozzerella. My question is this… would you consider making your own cheese?

As for me I like the idea and Sis says it’s pretty easy.

so how long does it take before it is cheese and how do you store it while it is turning into cheese?

I think it was Renee on this site that made a version of cheese out of yogurt. Hopefully she will respond!

I was thinking of making yogurt because it is hard to buy low fat ones without tonnes of corn starch. You can start a new batch with boiled mixture of 1% milk and skim milk powder and after cooling spike it with some live bateria yougurt.

Mozzerella can be made fresh from store bought milk in about 4 hours.

cheddar needs to be aged for the best flavor.

now that is interesting… I used to use plain yogurt in dip. I drained it in cheesecloth or coffee filters and when it was all thick add chives, spinach, garlic etc. Yummy!

Here are the kits if anyone is interested.

here’s another place I think is better.