Chicken or Egg

I just went to Ear, Nose and Throat for a scope, which by the way was painless and totally interesting. I got to see my sinuses, my esophagus, and larynx and Eustachian tubes and it was so cool.

The reason the procedure was so stress free was because the doctor was so awesome, He relaxed me and he made me feel safe. He was so calm and spent so much time talking to me and explaining the process. I left his office feeling like I really had been respected as a patient.

I started thinking later how different my visits to my NP for diabetes are. She is invasive and controlling, always telling me to do something I don't agree without giving me any valid reason or science to back up her requests. I had an epiphany and made the decision that I will not go to her again and subject myself to that kind of stress.

Anyway, something the ENT said in passing got me thinking as well. He said that some of his colleagues say that all people with sinus problems are crazy, and then he said, "Well, what comes first, if that is true at all? When you think of a person in chronic pain and stress, maybe that makes them act the way they do and they are not crazy at all."

Sometimes we talk about behavioral or mental health issues here at Tu and his comment shed a light on diabetes for me. Chicken or egg? It kind of applies; diabetes can be painful, invasive, and stressful, and make one worry about the future. If anyone gets depressed or something, or using that derogatory term "crazy" aren't they just having a normal reaction to the thing that they have to deal with every day and is on them to handle, ect?. Just thinking . . .