China trip and grass!

As some of you may know. I’ve been to China again recently- actually came home to Denmark again just last Thursday. The trip to China was amazing as always! Was so nice to just spend some time with in-laws and family friends I have not seen since last year or in some cases even longer.
My husband and I held wedding reception in China on June 19th for his relatives and friends of the family, a neat little party with about 200 guests in a 5 star hotel!
My parents were with us in China on our first week there, it was their first time going to China and their main reason to go with us this time was for the Wedding reception to attend the ceremony where I was officially becoming a part of my husband’s family.
I’ll put up photos here shortly, probably after finishing posting this blog entry.

Well, as mentioned above, I got home again last Thursday. Needles to say I’m feeling homesick now (feel more at home in China than in Europe) and missing everyone. Jetlag was nowhere to be seen in any direction and do mind it’s 6 hours time difference. For some reason I handle it very well.
Anyways. I woke up on Friday morning with totally clogged nose, and since then I’ve been having big problems with my allergy due to the extreme levels of grass pollen outside (one of my worst enemies), today I could take it no more so called GP and was prescribed yet another shot of the lovely Prednisone. Had the prednisone shot shortly 2.30pm and it’s now 8pm here, I’ve only had one ice cream and some kind of carb free snack made out of pork since lunch (at 11.30am) and 1.5 hour ago I was at a good enough 6.4 (115) I wasn’t too happy with that though taking in consideration how long it had been since last meal or snack. Tested again like 40 minutes ago now and still had not eaten anything since the last few pork snacks which I had long before first test… Latest test: 7.4 (133) :open_mouth: It’s gone up! Went up 1mmol/l in an hour and NO FOOD OR SNACK what so ever since maybe 4 or 5 this afternoon! It’s just got to be that Prednisone wrecking havvoc with me again. The shot I got in spring didn’t affect my blood glucose at all, but this one sure does!

Best of all? I’m just about to run out of test strips LOL
Ah, the joys of coming back to Europe. I’m allergic to this corner of the globe! (Had no allergies what so ever in China).

Welcome home! No fun with allergies. Steroids usually send BG way high.

Can’t wait to see your photos.

Thanks :slight_smile:
It’s always such a joyride with prednisone LOL At least the dose last Friday didn’t send me up to 200+ like the round of prednisone did in April! Always something :slight_smile:

Congratulations on your wedding! I was wondering how you managed with the food in China as it is so full of tempting carby foods, particularly the snacks?