Chocoholics and Diabetics Favor Obama

My friend Tracey Downey, daughter of late talk show host Morton Downey, Jr. and chocolate experience officer of Downey’s chocolates has a campaign to raise $15,000 for diabetes research (JDRF). Tracey’s step son has type 1 diabetes. The "Choc-the-Vote: political “Candy-dates” are dark chocolate covered with a thin layer of white chocolate canvas decorated with photos of Obama/Biden (O’Biden) or McCain/Palin (McPalin). Tracey is donating $1 from every $2 candy-date sale. Participate in the democratic process while helping to find a cure for diabetes in 3 easy steps! Visit and 1) cast your vote in the “cocoa bean” poll, 2) order some candy-dates and, of course, vote on Nov. 4! Downey’s also has a low-glycemic line sweeten with agave nectar.