Christmas Cookies Are My Kryptonite

I love them, period. As a young Italian boy there were always mounds of cookies at every family Christmas gathering. Everything and anything you can think of, it was marvelous! My favorite cookie is my Grandmother’s sugar cookies. Hands down, the best!

However, I do not forget that I am a diabetic. Here are two things that help me get through the holiday season without my blood sugars going nuts. First is moderation, give in, have a cookie or two or three even. Cover with the appropriate amount of insulin and take a break for awhile and let everything balance back out. If you keep eating and snacking and eating your blood sugar will never level out for an honest reading.

Second, test, test, test! I probably test 25-50% more around the holidays, it’s my once of prevention to keep my sugars in check!

One final note, if some food, whether it be cookies or any food looks rich and exotic, causally ask what’s in it. Note anything crazy like corn syrup or other things that may be waiting to spike your sugars. If they can’t tell you simply pass it up, better safe than sorry.

What’s your favorite cookie?

What do you do to keep your diabetes in check around the holidays?

Good advice! My hand down fav is the peanut butter balls that my mom makes…YUM!!! There is no better combination. I do try to limit myself…for two reasons: 1) it’s not good for me 2) When I overindulge I feel like crap…so it ruins the whole overindulging thing…
Now I want a peanut butter ball! :slight_smile:


Thank you for the advice…
I also love cookies…Im partial too good ol’ Chocolate chip cookies and Peanut butter oatmeal cookies! (A recipe handed down to me from 3 generations already)
Im a type 2… I make up by finding time to exercise about twice the duration and intensity within the day and the following day. And of course…no matter how tempting…eating in moderation.

For me it’s not exactly cookies, it’s my grandma’s oatmeal squares that tempt me. Lots of brown sugar in those babies! I’m terrible at estimating carbs in these homemade goodies, and tend to run the gamut of numbers for the entire day. Luckily I don’t bake, so the treats aren’t in my house, and when I leave my parents, I have a only a small stash of leftovers (no desserts). For me, it’s one day, one roller coaster trip, and I get back down into the realm of somewhat ‘normal’.

Love freshly baked cookies. If I don’t eat a couple the thought of the cookie consumes me and I will eat a lot of them! I try to just include them in my meal plan because pretending I’m not going to eat them always ends up with high BGs.