Christmas Eve - anti chocolait haha

So here it is my first blog; i have recently come off of my honeymoon period of 4 years (Long time i know) i have been diagnosed for 5. Lately i have been have spikes in my blood sugar for no reason, and i feel much more aware and impacted by diabetes because I have been so use to perfect blood sugars and living close to normal. However i am very strict, i am vegan, i excercise for 30 minutes everyday and watch what i eat… yet today my blood sugar spiked for no reason to 13.0 (208 mg) it is very frustrating i must say… i do crave chocolate… but thats it, perhaps a little tweaking is all i need, and to live to the best of all ability :slight_smile:

current insulin:

18 units of Lantus
1 unit of Nova Rapid