Christmas Indulgence

Do you have a Christmas indulgence? One thing that you know you shouldn’t eat but heck it’s Christmas and you are going to give yourself a little present. Mine is chocolate covered cherries. I love them and I have one or two at Christmas. Yes, it usually plays havoc with my BG, but it’s worth it just once a year. What is your indulgence?

My mom’s Christmas fudge - which I beg her not to make!

Tonight I’m going to make some peanut butter chocolate chip brownies (for a Christmas party at work, I tell myself).

We’ll see how my control (mental way more so than BG, really!) holds up! XD

My Aunt makes some delicious M&M cookies…i definately won’t be able to pass those up =]

Oh my gosh, I was totally going to have one carb fest on Christmas. What I really want to eat for Christmas is a whole apple and then a bowl of rice with vegetable dishes called banchan and a fried scallion pancake. Can’t wait. Actually, I’ve decided to treat myself to a regular non-diabetic meal once a month.

Chocolate fudge with walnuts

mine is choc covered cherries too…I have no choice, its like a Christmas tradition every year and I’ve get a box of 'em whether I like it or not.