Christmas Tree

This year sheila and I decided we would have a real tree instead of an artifical one we are trying to be environmentally friendly not a cut down tree but one with roots which with a bit of luck and tender loving care we may be able to use in years to come, it may just be a pipe dream no idea how easy or hard it is to grow this type of conifer good question what type of tree is it, there is no label on no description nothing we bought it from Tesco's reduced from £20 to £10 and with all the car expences this month a tenner was about all we could afford.

We had thought about not having a tree at all but with 4 grand children all under 6 years old I know Jessica or Daniel would have said granpa where is the tree the one in there house is big bold and full of treats so we had no chance of competing with that one and to be honest we have long past the point of competiting with anyone over anything especially christmas trees.

We did have an artifical tree some years ago and we used it for over 20 years so we had our money out of it, but the smell of real pine when you open the living room door first thing in the morning wakes all those christmas spirits up in your heart, ok our tree may not be the biggest but it has room to grow like the ugly duckling you never know what tommorrow might bring.

Sheila and spent a couple of hours last night puttting up decorations and hanging a few baubbles from the tree all it needs is a nice skirt to cover the bucket and we will be open for businness, you will have to forgive my spelling but the secondary modern education I got or failed to get is kinda responsible for that my 5 year old grand daughter can spell better than me so that just goes to show how bad I am.

When our 5 kids were young we use to spend hours dressing the tree each child had there own favourite toys they use to put on the tree and let’s face it christmas is for kids but the christmas spirit you feel at this time of the year is for everyone the message is simple love one another.