Chronic Insomnia

The WSJ just had an article on how tablets mess with you circadian rhythm.

a few quick things you can do that might help, and if they don't, you didn't waste too much time or money on them. you can go to target and get a sleep mask for $5 in the bath section and get a small fan too. i run the fan all night and it blocks out the sound of a train whistle near my house. at night make sure to keep the temp of your house on the cool side and put out a little bowl of water near the heat vent to moisten the air.

the next steps are more dicey. i can go to sleep easily, but i wake up because i get hot- probably from perimenopause and shifting hormones. then i take a baby aspirin and water and i sleep until morning. i used to take a benadryl, but i read it interferes with the formation of memories, and i found i had some real senior moments the day after i would take a benadryl (even though i would feel rested).

lastly, my daughter has trouble falling asleep, except when i give her a back massage. maybe you could buy a foot massager or one of those chair massagers that fit on your chair and see if that help. also there are apps that block out blue light on monitors that can interfere with our sleep cycles. i believe one free one is called f.lux which you could look up on wikipedia.

Thanks so much, Sandy, for the info about the pillow speaker. Had never heard of it nor noticed the sleep timer capability on my device. I find listening to podcasts relaxing too, both while walking the dog and before bed. Wishing everyone good sleep!

Have you tried ZZZQuil or melatonin? Those are the only ones that work for me. 30 minutes of exercise will also help you regulate sleep.

ty for ur adice.i have always had a fan running in my room at night,for years,i have humity also in one way or the other.melatonin doesnt not work anymore for me!nor does valerian root,natural sleeping aides,or sleepezzd or zzzquil!
the past two days,i a m now on prescription sleeping pills to help me!

yes,nothing works anymore,i iused to walk,i have shattered my tibia i n my knee in march,was stuck in a chair for four months!just restarted walkig in aug witha walker,but not fully there as of yet!

You've gotten some great advice. I wake up if my BG is low or high. It sounds like when you were more active you had less trouble with staying asleep. Can you do something like chair exercises? Also, as I remember, Lasix makes you pee. Maybe watch your fluid intake before bed?

Not sleeping sucks and I always feel bad the next day. I hope you find something that works for you.

Hey, have you tried CBD oil? Although I haven’t experience it myself, I heard that it works well not only for insomnia but diabetes as well. Taking it properly and regularly allows you to get plenty of sleep and manage your insulin a lot better.