Chubby-Wubby Baby (ultrasound weight)

This is probably a question for my OB, but I wanted to hear your ladies stories first before I ask my doc the question.

What is the “cut-off” weight for the baby before the doctors decide/suggest to induce/cection?

I know that the ultrasound is not 100% for measuring a baby’s weight. I’m sure most of our OB’s take that into consideration, but when do they decide that “Woooo…this kid is just getting too big for mommy”?

I just had an ultrasound and our babe is weighing in at 6lb 13oz and I’m 35 weeks. Is that big for this far along? should I expect a phone call from our OB? It just seems like the kiddo has had a huge growth spurt in the last 3 weeks. He/She was only 4lbs just 3 weeks ago!

Anyone else have a similar experience?

My OB said she will let me progress until 39 weeks. At that point, if I haven’t gone into labor naturally, if the baby is under 4500g (about 9.9 lbs), she will induce me. If the baby is over 4500g, c-section. Did the ultrasound tech tell you what percentile the baby is in? That helped me understand a bit better than just a weight estimate.

I’ll be interested to hear if all OBs seem to have the same cutoff point.

I had a c-section due to our son’s predicted size. At our ultrasounds they didn’t estimate his weight, but measured the diameter of his head and abdomen. From weeks 30-35, I remember being amazed at how quickly he was growing, but I think that all babies growing dramatically then – it just that those with high risk pregnancies get to track it each week.

I think that my OB-GYN told me that we would definitely have a c-section after his head diameter exceeded 10cm, but his abdomen was even bigger (which was a concern as well).

He ended up being 4230g (9 lb 5 oz) and perfectly healthy!

Gee, I’m hoping to make it to 39 weeks! Actually, our baby is due on Halloween, however the OB is not even entertaining past the 14th right now.

The tech did not mention a percentile, however the baby has passed the biophysical every week in an exceptional amount of time. There has been no issues at all, other than the low sugars.

My daughter was measuring 6lbs at 33weeks, so we opted for a c/s for week 38. Then she ended up being only 8lbs 2oz. Growth can speed up and slow down. I would think it depends on your OB and your own desires. I was perfectly comfortable w the thought of a c/s because my brother and I were born via c/s in the 70s and I turned out okay. :wink: