Cinical Depression

Depression, a disorder of epidemic proportion, is one of the more successfully treated Clinical Disorders. Signs/symptoms:sad mood;fatigue;loss of intrests;chnges in sleep/appitite patterns,thoughts of self harm-even passive-eg not taking proper care of self.

I have clinical depression and from my own experience I don’t think that it always can be successively treated. I take medication and see a therapist once a week. I struggle every single day to fight this monster. I think the key to “success” is learning how to cope with it. I’ve learned how to work through the fog so that I can function. It never goes away.

Have you been on the same medction for an extensive peroid of time? Is your Physician a Board Certified Psychrist? I,for example, had to try a nunber of different meds until we found a combination that allivated my symptoms.While I am not “Skipping around the house”,or singind Bobby Daren songs all day,I do experience a significant reduction in my symptoms. I am more active,involved with my family more. I swim,lift weights ,do cardio/core and weight combination exercises. I realize that all patients will not realizd the degree of symptom relief that I have. However, you and others may realize mild to moderate relief. If you are not satisfied with your progress, you may elect to speak with you Physician regarding some trials on other meds. Is your meds-antidepressant -a SSRI. I ask, as they are the most recet meds for depression and some the most effective. Please explore and let me know, Hope this is of some assistance. Best to you.Pete

Linda, I would agree with Peter, one try with meds and one try with a therp doesn’t usually do it for people. I have been treating severe, chronic depression for over 20 years, and of those 20 years it has taken about 10 to get a med that works without putting me to sleep, and another that I can take and not have it affect my sugars. I have had about 8 therapists until I found the right one about 9 years ago…the others just weren’t it. Therapy is one of the most intimate relationships you can have other than marriage, so the fit has to be right. I am not dancing around the house, but I certainly do feel more in control and able to function 350 days out of 365 a year. I still have days when I just have to let the depression win, and call it a wash, but it took time. Don’t give up on yourself, fight for your health mentally as well as physically, you are worth the effort it will take.

Whatever the particular label might be, depression/blissful-contentment whatever the particular label(s)…frankly, they do not help the individuals themselves as much as they help someone observing the given behaviors/actions eventually clump them together and eventually, eventually figure out (one hopes) how to alter them… if that is necessary?

The danger with labels, one can pharmacoligally treat a symptom/(s) and do little or absolutely nothing to cure the underlying problem. Say our DIABETES disease for example??? I can get maintance measures, drugs, protocols technology out the wazoo to live the ~perfectly normal~ life fable we all strive towards.
Yet those efforts do nothing, zero to solve the basic fundamental problem… merely hopefully maintain it.

I ask how do we get around that one???

Stuart, please help me understand your message . I’m not sure if you’re speaking about medication advertizements or if you advocate not taking medication. This is important. Please reply. Thanks,Pete

Stuart,it seems that you are speaking of conflict,trauma or concerns that are situational. These are certainly topics that should be discussed with a thrapist. I never meant to imply that meds. are the only solution. Excuse me, if I didn’t make that clear earlier.That being said ,not eveyrone, who is depressed requiers meds That is certainly true. The vast majority require meds. and theapy. There is a smaller % who will benefit from meds alone. This is, by no mens, a one size fits all. I appreciate you bringing yhis to our attention. Pete

Well having Type 2 bipolar… yes… thats right… there are 2 types! (who knew?)
And being trained in the personal development field…etc… this is what I know for sure:
You can take pills out the wazoo… but if you dont do YOUR due diligence… by exersizing, eating properly, and getting fresh air everyday and think about the beauty you DO have in your life…the pills just ain’t gonna work baby!!!

I know from experience that actually WORKING on your mental health as much as the drugs do…is of in valuable benefit!! If your not one to work out in the gym… go for a walk… and stop looking at your feet!!! look around… listen to nature, admire it’s beauty…
This is where the law of attraction comes in… when we aknowledge and FEEL grateful for the good things we DO have in our lives… we will attract more of the same!
Yes… it is work… this I know… but if you were to meet me in person… you would have no clue that I have bipolar depression… and that is because I work at it… pretty much every day!
I do have bad days… like anyone else…and I allow myself to have these days… but I also give myself a time limit. Never more than 24hrs to lay in bed and pull the covers over my head… after that time is up… I grab something healthy to eat and go for a walk…and BREATHE!!!
When I get home… I write down everything I am grateful for and how many blessings in my life. It is a challange at first… but ya gotta make your self do it…I guarentee… you will feel like skipping around the house!! LOL
And dont forget to take your meds!!!

on top of depression there is a social anxiety disorder (SAD) that can complicate even the best of circumstances. I dont like going out of my house. I dont like even the yard right now (becuase it is about 12 degrees). I get nervous at a mom & pop grocery store, even I know everyone who works. there. The only people in my house has been my grown up son and paramedics. I constantly worry that someone will knock on my door. I am on 24/7 oxygen and of course that attracts attention when you go out. I have to take naps in the afternoon so I dont get paranoid about the nighttimes. Take Trazadone for sleep at night. Prazosin HCL for nightmares. Between these 2 I sleep pretty good. I make quilts, yet I can not handle entering the quilt show (too many people). Sometimes, I get so overwhelmed by creditors (6 of them is all) that I want to die (drive off mountain cliff be the easiest) because I know the insurance will pay for the bills. After all my brother and sisters do all this life stuff with ease and here I am the one who has been a soldier, been a computer software engineer, and now disabled and unable to work outside the house. Then throw in diabetes and the pity I get from people who know makes me want to puke. (pulling hair a little). Tonight is a rough nite, but suicide not on the menu.

well another holiday wknd and of course, depression nailed me. My sugars are level thanks to Lantus. I havent even showered in 7 days. Trying to regroup today and shower and go to grocery store, but it is noon and still not moving very good. Of course depression leads to more pain in my legs and feet (neuropathy and injury), which means I dont want to walk either. (sigh)

Hi, I have just been diagnosed with depression again! (Knew what it was, but could not get an appointment at my doctor’s!) It was not helped by the fact that I managed to get into the doctors who was running two and a half hours late, and she took one look at me and said she did not have time for me! She told me to come back last Friday at 10.30 and at 10am I had a phone call to cancel again!

I eventually managed to get in to a different doctor who does not know my history and sat and wept for the first five minutes! I could not speak. She offered me the usual antidepressants and those usually make me zombie like. Then she found another called Sertraline (sp?) which among the side effects is lowering blood sugar levels. I said I would have some of that. But since I started them I have had severe nausea (but thankfully no vomiting) and diahorreah. In fact I have all the side effects listed except for erectile dysfunction!!! Well that would be a physical impossible!

When I did the assessment form I scored full marks on all the negative questions except the one about harming and suicide - and that is only not an option because of my faith. Many of my friends in the church are good and accept me for what I am, but there are some that I wish would leave me alone. Those that tell you that you should pull yourself together, or that your faith cannot be strong enough if I am depressed! I have had several run ins with these people but now just have to bless em and forgive em for they obviously have not had depression!

I realise that being with depressive people can be a bit heavy going, but I feel that having had it, I have more empathy for those that do when I do not, if you get my meaning! We have to be so much stronger to even exist!

I admit I am not looking after myself properly! Simply cannot function, I am either sleeping like dead or waking up before the alarm but cannot seem to get motivated. All good intentions but do not know where to start!

Any advice would be most welcome - as long as it is legal and does not involve alcohol!

A bit late to the conversation, however, I wanted to share some of my experience with clinical depression treatment. It’s taken awhile - tried a number of different medications and went through at least 4 therapists (Psychiatrists/Psychologists) until I found a combination that has helped me a great deal. When I decided I needed help with depression I did some informal research that pointed at the combination of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and anti-depressants as being measurably effective.

I saw a number of therapists from anywhere to 3 months to 1 visit each before deciding they weren’t the right fit until I found the therapist I’m currently seeing. Different reasons - I felt the first one I went to wasn’t paying attention, one had problems with me wanting to schedule more than 3 weeks out (I travel a lot and my schedule is often fairly filled up 8-12 weeks out), etc.

Currently on two different anti-depressants, tired a few months ago to reduce the strength of one of them and it didn’t go well and then received my dx so will probably wait another few months before trying again.

So it was a lot of work to find the right therapist and the right medication; if you’re suffering from depression you know how easy it is not to have the strength for that effort. I am fortunate in that I have a loving and supportive wife who helped find therapists and would remind me gently when I needed to make a call. Also helped financially as I wasn’t able to work at the time.

Now I’m back at work - doing a different job than I was before and the ‘blue days’ are getting further and further apart. While everyone’s depression is different, I’d recommend looking into a combination of CBT and meds.

Here’s a couple of links (I am not affiliated with any of these organizations, just found them to be useful for research)

Positive Pyschology (basic concept that the goal of therapy/treatment is to have a positive outcome, not just alleviate symptoms)

Wikipedia on CBT

This approach worked for me; your path to better health may be different - know that there is hope.

Warmest wishes for health & happiness,