I don’t know if this is related to my diabetes but I have recently had bad circulation in my right leg.
I know diabetes can affect your feet but I feel I have a trapped nerve in my leg when I have been sitting for a little while.
It is not painful but very uncomfortable, My foot feels very hot and I get an annoying feeling in my ankle and knee.
It only stops after I walk around for a while. I just wanted to know if this happens to anyone else?

Yes, that happens to me sometimes! I wasn’t sure if I was the only one, too haha

The thing is that it may be caused by loss of circulation from your position, which may squeeze a blood vessel closed, or at least partially so. Then again you may be binding up a nerve in much the same way. This could be from your back rather than your leg crunching the muscle, since the sciatic nerve can feel bad anywhere in your leg. Even so, if it is sciatica it doesn’t tend to stay in 1 place.
All that being said it may be partially blood and nerve as well. You may have the beginnings of neuropathy in just 1 area which doesn’t bother you until your leg circulation is less from leaning on a vessel in between.

thank- you for your comments! :smiley: