ClimaPak, A Portable Insulin Temperature Control Device

by Michael Aviad of
May 10,2012

A few years ago I went on a jeep trip in the desert with friends. We drove old, open jeeps, two to three guys on each, and had all of our supplies with us. We had a great time with hardly any worries. Well, the truth is, I had one big worry – diabetes. I knew I could manage my blood sugar as long as I had a glucose meter and insulin. But what was happening to my insulin?

It was April and the days were hot and sunny with no shade. At night we slept outside in our sleeping bags, and the temperatures fell into the 40’s. At the time I was using insulin pens, which I stored in my backpack. I didn’t know if the extreme temperatures affected my insulin, or if the temperature fluctuations compromised it, but I do remember being very nervous about it.

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Sounds like exactly what I need. My only concern is how well is it built and will in last if used every day in the summer.
Has anyone actually seen a working model? Where is the company located?
When will these start shipping?

Looks great - just not in my price range at $199 each.

It could your with a Peltier element were if you putthe electricity in one way it cools and the other way it heats. We have a coolatron cooler that works on that principle.