CMG Charger/Transmitter Issues

I am new to this site/board. Hello everyone! My name is Cheryl.
I am currently relearning to use my MM CMG and am having some problems. When I initially set myself up with the sensor and transmitter, the sensor icon come on to my pump screen, as it should. I continued to get the LOST SENSOR alarm. I took the transmitter off and put it back on the charger. I have a green light. Is the green light suppose to continue flashing as it charges the transmitter or should it be a constant green light unitl the transmitter is fully charged?

For "lost sensor", I use the "Find Lost Sensor" option on the "Link to Sensor" option on the "Sensor" menu. I usually keep the pump/ sensor receiver on the same side, probably not much more than a foot away from the inserted sensor. Sometimes at night, I'll fall asleep and wake up to the "lost sensor" just if it gets on the wrong side of my body.

I'm not sure what the flashing green lights mean. I usually try to wait until they stop flashing to put the sensor on but I've spaced out and forgotten and they still seemtowork.I don't think the light keeps flashing until it's charged, I think it goes out when it's charged.

acidrock23, thank you for your response. I did use the Find Lost Sensor option and had my pump near to the sensor/trasmitter and yet, every 15 minutes, it would alert me to Lost Sensor. I changed the battery in the charger so I think I'm just going to leave the transmitter on the charger for several hours and see if that corrects the problem.