Coconut Yoghurt/Tapioca starch...?

Oh… I feel like a little miss questions… ha but i feel like i should just ask instead of worrying…
So last week, I found this amazing Coconut milk yoghurt in a supermarket in Hong Kong, it’s dairy free and gluten free etc. low carbs. but i seem to have felt a spike (and really high BG the next morning, could be other food i was eating too) after eating it.

Could it be the tapioca starch that causes problems…

Coconut Milk (74%), Cacao (25%) (Cacao powder, stevia), Tapioca Starch, Live vegan yoghurt alternative cultures
Servings per 125g container 1.25
Serve Size 100g

Typical values per 100g

Energy 820kj/ 196cal
Fat – total 19g

  • Saturated 17g
    Carbohydrate 3.9g
  • Sugars 3.9g
    Protein 2.3g
    Salt 0.1g

I dunno, there’s a lot of fat and not much protein or carb. Sometimes I find eating higher-fat food in a meal gives me a BG spike later on in the day.

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I too find high fat can increase my blood sugar. Nancy

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same here, foods that is high fat, make my blood sugar go up,.

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@erice @twinchick @CatLady06
Oh perhaps !!! I’ve never thought of that but now you speak about it, i seems to feel the same too, I have always thought that manyyyy fellow D brothers and sisters are on LCHF, which means fat is ok…but perhaps it’s different for everyone

I think it works differently for LCHF but am not sure how.

This, as so many things, comes under the heading of YDMV (“Your Diabetes May Vary”), a shorthand way of reminding ourselves that every physiology is individual and responds to things in individual ways, whether those things are exercise, nutrition, stress, or something else.

Point being, you probably can’t prove with utter 100% certainty which component of that yoghurt is having the effect. There are, however, ways to narrow it down and identify likely causes.

First, you mention that you ate other things in the same meal. Try eating the yoghurt by itself with nothing else and see whether you get the same kind of spike. That will eliminate a whole host of possibilities.

If, based on the above test, the yoghurt does indeed seem to be the culprit, then ask yourself some other questions, i.e., do protein and/or fat tend to cause you to spike dramatically? For some people they do, for others, not. If not, then it becomes more likely that the particular carbs in that yoghurt are ones you’re especially sensitive to. (That’s another possible source of variation—some people have very different reactions to different types and sources of carbohydrate; others don’t. For me, a carb is a carb is a carb, no matter where it comes from. That’s not my opinion, but my meter’s. But for some folks, it can make a real difference. You want to know which category you are in, if you don’t already.) Everyone is different.